How Does This Work?


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How does this work?

You pick a display from the "Reserve a Display" button.   You tell us how to personalize it and we sneak in after dark (before midnight) so they wake up to a yard full of our flamingos, cows, cupcakes or one of our other popular themes.  It's the perfect gift to let the whole neighborhood know it's a special occasion.  We will come back and pick up the sign late in the evening of the display date or in some cases on the next day. 

Note: When ordering, after adding a sign (and any optional add-ons) to your cart, be sure to click the Shopping Cart icon to checkout and pay by credit card.  Your order is not complete until you checkout. If you prefer to pay with cash/check, please text your order to (904) 610-1489.

2. Can you deliver to gated communities?

Yes, we can deliver to a gated community, but we will need either an access code or the guard house will need to know we are coming.

3. How much lead time do you need?

Our signs are very popular and the more advance notice you can give will help you get the display you really want.  Same day deliveries need to be reserved by 4 PM.

4. How much does a display rental cost?

A one day rental of any display is $50, two days are $75.   We have a delivery fee based on Zip Code that ranges from zero to $35 depending on the distance (see list below).  The order page will show you exactly how much (if any) delivery fee will be added to  your order.  

5. How can I contact you?

Call us at (904) 610-1489 with any questions, or email us at:

6. What areas do you deliver to?

We serve primarily south Jacksonville and northern St. Johns county and eastern Clay county.  Just click on one of our signs from the order page (or the list below) and you will see a list of the Zip Codes we serve.  If your Zip Code is not in the list, unfortunately the distance is too great for us to serve you at this time.